Public Parks


The City and it's Terrain
Central Maharashtra

Urban Park
Central Maharashtra | 2015

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The proposed urban park aspires to meet socio-cultural needs and facilitate environmental improvement of the peri-urban area where the site is located. Revival of seasonal water bodies, organic horticultural farms, large maidans for multipurpose use, windbreak planting, streetscape improvement, groundwater management and biodiversity monitoring form the basis of design for a series of broadly linked programmes. 

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Public spaces, conveniences, and augmentation of leisure forms a broad palette of uses. The public park’s form is influenced and shaped by a series of sequentially created water holding ponds. In its final form, leisure and activity spaces - built and open- will unfold along a water-side promenade, culminating into a grove of contemplation.

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Typology: Masterplan | Public spaces | Memorial
Extent: 43 acres

Ficus: Sriganesh, Aparna, Shailasri, Sagar, Ram Gokhul, Shankar, Surya, Shivika



Memorial Park
Central Maharashtra | 2015

The memorial for a respected public figure is sited within the premises of a factory established by him. The site planning incorporates an existing orchard as its principal landscape setting. The axial road cutting through the orchard is re-envisioned as a pedestrianised memorial axis.

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The entrance to the memorial is between two parallel walls of mirror-polished granite. The wall on the left carries a quote from the Bhagvad Gita, while the wall on the right carries an inspirational motto of service to others made by the leader in a political rally. This sequence culminates in a junction planted with aromatic flowers liked by the leader. From here, the statue of the leader is seen silhouetted against the horizon.

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Shaded pathways traverse through semi-open enclosures which narrate various facets of the leader's public and private persona. The experience culminates in a memorial plaza which transitions towards the existing vast maidan created by the leader for farmer congregations and festive occasions. 

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Typology: Masterplan | Public spaces | Memorial
Extent: 24 acres

Ficus: Sriganesh, Aparna, Shailasri, Sagar, Ram Gokhul, Shankar, Surya, Shivika