Java Rain Resort


Chikmagalur, Karnataka | 2017

The site (5 acres) is a part of a large coffee estate. The landscape design weaves the pre-sited buildings and roads into a series of transitions. Buffers between cottages create a contrast with the existing silver oak plantation. The attempt is to create a response to the natural quality of the place- a coffee forest. 

Ficus-landscape-bangalore-java-rain-resort-chikmagalur-swimming pool-deck

Zoning of private and public activity, trails, exterior zones and site lighting form the core of the landscape masterplan. 

Ficus-landscape-bangalore-java-rain-resort-chikmagalur-pathway-mullayanagiri hill

The distant vista of Mullayanagiri hill forms an element of discovery in the site plan.

Typology: Luxury resort
Extent: 5 acres

Client: Shambhala Resorts LLP
Architect: Cadence Architects, Bangalore
Lighting consultant: T2 Technology Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Ficus: Sriganesh, Aparna, Ankan, Abhilash, Ram Gokhul, Sagar