Buddhist Stupa at Sannati


Kanaganahalli, Karnataka | Ongoing


The excavated stupa at Kanaganahalli is notable for its portrait of Emperor Asoka and its description in Buddhist literature as the ‘Great Stupa of the Nether Worlds’.

Dismantlable buildings, sited in harmony with sight lines and site gradient, house visitor facilities and interpretation galleries. Introduction of planting, walking surfaces and cordon rely on low visual impact and blend with the existing environs.


 The landscape masterplan creates a cohesive and an orderly transition from the arrival area to the experience of the stupa ruins. 

Typology: Public space | Heritage | Cultural
Extent: 23 acres

Conservation Architects: GN Heritage Matters
Collaborators: ASI, Gulbarga Circle | CCHMF, Bengaluru
Ficus: Sriganesh, Aparna, Abhilash, Sagar, Ram Gokhul, Karthik, Nikhita