Banyan Courtyard


Bhubaneshwar, Odisha | Ongoing

Ficus-landscape-bangalore-banyan courtyard-orissa-apartment-courtyard-01

The landscape design improves the accessibility into the raised podium area, and uses hardscape and softscape features to camouflage or accentuate aspects of the architectural mass.

Ficus-landscape-bangalore-banyan courtyard-orissa-apartment-courtyard-podium-02

Studies of a banyan tree’s form, silhouette, colours, texture and religious markings inform the choice of colour schemes and the outlines of a screen to the swimming pool.

                  Design of screen walls at Banyan courtyard

                  Design of screen walls at Banyan courtyard

Ficus-landscape-bangalore-banyan courtyard-orissa-apartment-courtyard-podium-04

Typology: Residential
Extent:1.5 acres

Client: Aryan Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneshwar
Architect: Architects' Studio, Bhubaneshwar
Ficus: Sriganesh, Aparna, Ankan, Sagar